Since formation in 1997 Activcameras have become one of the most established suppliers of mobile CCTV systems to bus and coach operators, and to date we have amassed a base of more than four hundred private sector customers and over thirty local authorities.

The company’s growth was initially built around the obvious financial and safety needs for reversing camera systems in a wide range of vehicle types i.e. bus & coach, rigid and articulated lorries, waste disposal vehicles, etc. The early success of pioneering such systems quickly led to a nationwide installation service being established.

In more recent years, through customer demand, we expanded our range of systems to particularly suit the bus and coach industry. The rise in anti-social behaviour and vandalism had become intolerable for many operators carrying out school bus contracts. A similar rise in false insurance claims was bringing service vehicle operators under intense pressure.

As a result the Activcameras now offers a range of digital video recorders, cameras and additional devices that meet the requirements of any vehicle operator. The company's technically innovative products are backed with an unprecedented level of service, putting customer needs first with every decision.

Activcameras operates from two sites in the North Midlands (Head Office, Sales & Administration) and the East Midlands (Engineering, R&D and Warehousing). From these two central locations we service a customer base across the United Kingdom, with installation services spreading from the Scottish Highlands to South West England.

We both manufacture and assemble products internally as well as contract outsource the manufacture and supply of key components to our required specification. All products are bench tested to high quality standards before they leave our premises and in the event of any rare malfunction or damage we have repair and service facilities in house.

Our experience in mobile CCTV extends from the ability to write and customise video playback software and programme operating systems, through to the design and manufacture of video signal processing and switching equipment. This knowledge and understanding reduces the need for third party involvement in the service we provide to our customers, such as maybe the need to send a piece of equipment back to the manufacturer.

On occasions we have been asked to manufacture short-run modifications to camera housings and fittings to suit the specific requirements of the vehicle that a system is being fitted to. We also work closely throughout Europe with the manufacturers of new vehicles where our CCTV solutions are being installed at the point of a new vehicle being built.

Continued investment in new technology and our people equips us with the necessary facilities and resources to meet growing customer demands.


Nationwide Installation
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