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Here are some of the frequently asked questions and common solutions to digital CCTV issues.

X200 DVR Systems;

Issue Suggested Action
No picture from one or more cameras. If pictures are viewable on some cameras but not others then the fault is likely to be with the camera itself rather than the recording device. Check that the camera housing does not contain any water or visible condensation. If this is the case then a replacement camera can be supplied for your own fitting or a service engineer is required.
Does not record on power up Enter menu system; go to OTHER MENU, ADVANCED MENU; set to "RECORD AT POWER UP". Check that power led is visible on the recorder and if not check fuses inline to the unit.
Recording at varying times Check that the TIMER RECORDING MENU settings are correct or Timer Recording is disabled. If this fails to resolve the problem please contact us to arrange a service engineer.
X200 has all front panel LED’s illuminated and fails to operate Ensure cartridge is pushed home and switched on. If you have a hard disc from another system or spare then try this within the system, if this works then the problem resides with the hard disc drive.
Cameras connected but no live views Press "Auto" on the X201 Reviewer. Consult the X200 Manual available from the Downloads area of this website.
No picture on X201 monitor Ensure that correct power supply to X200 (12V +/- 1.2V, 2A (continuous) 3A (peak). If you have a system fitted on another vehicle please try the X200 reviewer on this as this will help to identify if this is a power issue or other connection problem.
PC can't see disk but recordings viewable on X200 The hard disk boot / partition / FAT sectors may have become corrupted. Go to OTHER MENU, FILE SYTEM, FILE SYSTEM CHECK MENU and select PERFORM CHECK AND CORRECT NOW. This checks and rewrites the boot, partition and FAT sectors of the hard disk and removes any corrupted recording files. Please also check the shock and vibration damping of the X200 as shock and vibration reduce disk life and can also lead to corruptions on the hard disk.


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