With new coaches costing £150,000 to £300,000 it is still surprising that more manufacturers do not fit reversing cameras as standard equipment, and as a result the majority of systems are retro fitted.

The benefits of using reversing systems are immense. Every operator has suffered countless infuriating minor reversing damage to vehicles, that always comes at a cost of at least a few hundred pounds, and the probable cost and inconvenience of a vehicle being off the road.

Additionally the greatest benefit is one of safety. Motorists and pedestrians give no consideration to the hazards of reversing a coach and will park or walk directly behind a vehicle. Resulting accidents are then very costly as personal injury and insurance companies become involved.

All of these situations can be avoided for a very small amount of money.

Our Reversing Camera Systems feature;

Your choice of colour TFT LCD or Black & White monitor
Heavy Duty Camera in waterproof enclosure
20m extension cable (to run from back to front of the vehicle)

Our installations of Reversing Systems extend beyond buses and coaches, into rigid chasis and articulated vehicles. We have custom manufactured a range of accessories that allow for use in many types of transport. For instance, an electrical coil cable connects the monitor and camera modules within a separate cab unit and trailer - as such trailers with cameras and cabs with monitors can interchange and still enjoy the benefits of having a reversing system installed. Activcameras have installed entire fleets of vehicles for organisations across the UK.


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Reversing cameras protect pedestrians from serious injury which can lead to substantial damages or prosecution.

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