Our mobile CCTV products are designed to meet the challenging demands of transport environments. It is not the case that a domestic or industrial digital video recorder can simply be fitted into a transport application. Issues such as vibration, dust and operating temperatures are common and our specifically designed components are designed to operate in these changing conditions.

Digital technology has transformed the methods of recording, downloading and reviewing video footage captured on the move. The use of mobile CCTV is helping to reduce and eradicate the problems of vandalism, anti-social behaviour and false insurance claims, all of which represent costly problems for operators.

Our understanding and knowledge of digital video recording and camera technology has led to development of a product range designed to meet the specific requirements of transport applications.

As the popularity of mobile CCTV increases so does the available range of products, however the quality and suitability of these products can vary dramatically! Only products that meet the highest of standards in terms of quality, reliability and performance make it to our range.

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Find our more about the Tracer 3000 and X200 Digital Video Recorders in the Digital CCTV section of this website.

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