Since the requirement for CCTV systems can often exceed the budget available, the demand for lease/rental options has risen considerably in recent years, and has become a favoured option, particularly for retro-fitting, to both vehicle operators and local authorities.

Planned budgeting over a three or five year period can increase the number of systems that can be fitted, with the immediate payback that more vehicles are covered by CCTV and thereby the level of vandalism and false insurance claims are reduced across the fleet.

System cost (including installation) £1895.00
Rental cost (over 5 years including installation) £ 10.95 per week Total £2847.00
Rental cost (over 3 years including installation) £ 15.85 per week Total £2472.60

All figures are plus vat at the standard rate.

Whilst there is an obvious finance charge for this facility, the gross payment is wholly allowable for tax relief at the highest rate. Upon completion of the full term the system can be purchased, if wished, for 2.5% of the outright purchase price.

Combining the tax benefits with the greater number of vehicles being covered by CCTV, is a strong argument for this method of purchase.In underwriting rental plans we use only reputable companies such as ING, Citicapital and Siemens.

Activ UK are Licensed Credit Brokers and all Lease Rental plans are subject to acceptance and terms. Please contact us if you have any specific questions.

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