The introduction of digital technology to mobile CCTV offers an immense range of benefits with improved picture quality over tape-based systems, quicker searching of incidents and the ability to download and distribute files by CD and other media.

A mobile CCTV system installed on to a vehicle consists of two primary components; a digital video recorder and the cameras.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

A digital video recorder is principally computers, designed specifically for the capture and playback of pictures and audio. Our range of recorders allow you to connect any number of cameras from 1 to 16 and provide a minimum of two audio channels. DVR's vary in design and function and therefore in offering a range of equipment we can meet your specific needs. The DVR creates files on the system that contain the images and audio from inside (or outside if required) your vehicle.

The files contained upon the DVR's Hard Disc Drive can be reviewed or downloaded by either connecting a laptop PC or by removing the drive for connection to an office computer. These files can then be stored and burnt to CD as evidence or third party review.


A number of cameras are situated throughout the vehicle is such positions and configuration to capture images in all areas, from access doors to passenger seating areas. The choice of camera is important as it determines the angle of view and therefore area covered. We only supply a quality hi resolution cameras for use with our systems, in that the quality of the picture recorded is determined by the camera providing it!

We manufacture and assemble a range of camera housings to suit the location and environment where they are being fitted, from internal domes through to anti-vandal and weatherproof housings for certain locations.


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