The X300, available in either 4 or 16 channel variations, is a versatile digital recorder ideally suited to the public transport sector offering enhanced features above the earlier X200 model.

The 200 frames per second (fps) recording capability will allow each of 16 cameras to record at up to 12fps, or on an 8 camera system at 25fps. In addition the X300 has dual loop recording to SD card at 25fps which provides a secure back-up should a vehicle be involved in a major collision.

With removable hard disc cartridges ranging from 250 GB to 1 TB the X300 offers maximum recording periods before overwriting.

The recorder uses the same PC Link software which is renowned for it's user friendliness, and has the flexibility of remote access for file upload using LANLink.

With motion and alarm trigger operation, and the optional ability to view footage remotely via wireless data transfer or IP connection over the 3G network the X300 meets the needs of today's bus fleet managers.

Key Features;

Up to 200 frames per second (fps) recording
Dual recording to SD card at 25fps
Automatic recording on power-up
Up to 1 TB hard disk cartridge
Digitally encrypted watermarking ensures secure data
Wireless LAN and GPS connectivity
Sequenced image recording
Audio channels (2)
Compact size for ease of installation.


The X300 lets you record a fantastic 200 frames per second so you can record the images from up to 8 cameras in real time or 16 cameras at 12fps.

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