Designed specifically for use in mobile applications the X200 is one of the most widely used digital video recorders in the market today, having been installed on 1'000s of passenger service and private operated vehicles. Designed to withstand the conditions of mobile use, the X200 is available in two model variations to accept either up to 4 or 16 cameras inputs.

The system is fully configured by using the handheld reviewer that can also be used for playback of recorded files from any camera, this enables quick and easy review of footage within the vehicle. Files can then be downloaded by either connection of a laptop pc or in most instances removal of the Hard Disc Drive for attachment to an office-based computer. Spare drives are available so that in the event one is removed for review then a replacement drive can be inserted into the vehicles recorder making sure the system is fully operable.

Installation of the X200's own PC Link Software allows for multi-camera playback of the video files. When the Hard Disc Drive is attached to the PC, via a USB connector cable, the software builds a libray of the files contained upon the disc that can then be accessed by date and time.

Recording capability of 25 Frames Per Second (FPS) is suitable for most mobile CCTV needs. For example if 5 cameras are connected to the unit then up to 5 frames per second can be recorded from each camera. The total of 25 FPS is divisable by the number of connected cameras or can be set individually up the total level.

Key Features;

25 Frames Per Second
Sequenced Image Recording
Audio Channels (2)
Removable 160 GB, 250 GB, 320 GB or 500 GB Hard Disc Drive
Embedded Operating System
Video Monitor Output
Download via laptop PC or removable Hard Disc Drive
Wireless LAN and GPS optional connectivity
Motion Detect Recording Triggers and Scheduled Recording


The X200's removable Hard Disc Drive is attached to a PC via a USB cable to enable download and distribution of video footage.

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