The V400 is an innovative solution for vehicle CCTV and the result of years of experience in developing the most reliable and high performance digital CCTV recorders for use on public transport vehicles.

The highest quality recording is achieved using the latest industry standard H.264 video compression to give crystal clear footage from removable hard disk cartridges up to 1 TB capacity. The hard disk cartridge is fully suspended for shock protection and dual recording to SD card ensures critical video footage is always available.

With watermarked embedded data (indicators, brakes, etc), GPS, time, date, speed and location, the V400 footage meets all evidential requirements.

Key Features;

8, 12 or 16 channel recorders with 200 frames per second (fps) recording
Selectable image rates up to 25fps per camera
H.264 compression meets Transport for London bus CCTV recording specification
Dual recording to SD card at 25fps
Selectable compression setting for each camera ensures maximum resolution
Storage capacity in excess of 240 hours
Fully suspended hard disk cartridge giving reliable recording performance
Lockable hard disk cartridges
XBA file compatible with PC Link software.
Recording and viewing compatibility with X100, X200, X300 devices.

The V400 is one of the most advanced professional CCTV vehicle recorders ever made and creates industry standard H.264 files for review on any PC.

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