The AV104 is an ideal budget priced recorder for operators not requiring the sophistication of more expensive alternatives, without falling short on features.

The recorder will support up to 4 cameras, has 2 audio channels and comes complete with anti-vibration mounts and removable 500 GB hard disk cartridge. The recorder has a maximum rate of 60 frames per second (fps) which equates to 15fps for each of the 4 cameras, but this can be varied between cameras.

Downloading MPEG-4 files to computer is carried out via a USB connection to the unit. The system has a working voltage of 12v-45v which eliminates the need for a voltage dropper.

The simplicity of the system with easy set-up via remote control means it is suitable for self installation.

Key Features;

Removable 500 GB hard disk cartridge
60 frames per second recording capability
Audio channels
Built-in power off delay timer
Simple remote control set-up
Easy DIY installation (instructions provided)


The AV104 offers the perfect solution for school bus or single deck passenger service vehicles at an affordable price.

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