activeye is a compact colour camera and digital video recorder designed to be mounted on a vehicle's windscreen or dashboard. By recording activity at the front of the vehicle, an activeye can provide vital evidence of who was at fault in an accident and can also help disprove false insurance claims.

"Crash for Cash" bogus claims, including vehicles reversing into you or stopping suddenly, can be difficult to prove and can impact your 'no claims' bonues and increase payment of insurance excesses.

Additionally by using activeye you can both improve driver behaviour and reduce fuel costs by monitoring journey times, speed and excessive acceleration and braking.

Whether used in addition to an existing internal Digital CCTV or as your only video recording solution, activeye could save you £1,000s and provide additional peace of mind and protection against the hazards on the road.

Key Features;

Combined stand-alone digital recorder and camera
High quality day/night camera with 170 degree wide angle lens
Real time recording
Quick and easy installation
Simple screen or dashboard mounting
Built in high sensitivity GPS receiver
3 axis 'G-Sensor' monitors acceleration and braking levels
Printable incident report includes time, date, G-Sensor graph and camera images
Export recordings as JPEG snapshots or AVI movies for easy playback on any compatible windows PC
Vehicle location and direction data integrates with Google Map & Google Earth for historical tracking of routes taken along with time, speed and 3 axis G-Sensor information
Incidents can be burned to a DVD for evidential purposes
Electrical feed can be taken from ignition or master switch to give immediate recording

activeye Back

activeye Dashboard

Take a closer look at the activeye PC Viewer software by clicking here.

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activeye is a camera and recorder in one, designed to video everything at the front of your vehicle!

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