Choosing the appropriate camera for your application is essential. The quality of images captured by a video recorder will to begin with depend on the quality of the camera.

Important selection factors include making sure that the housing is suitable for fitting in an internal or external location and that it provides the necessary protection for the camera lens and circuitry. Cameras designed for internal use will not withstand external elements of temperature and water and within days (rather than weeks or months) cameras can stop working.

Cameras, and their housings, are specifically designed to suit the different needs of both their fitting location and the image they are required to capture. Wide angle lenses may offer you greater viewing angle however they may not offer you the same focus on close-up objects and people.

We manufacture, assemble and distribute a range of camera housings that meet the different needs of transport applications. We also offer facilities to modify and customise housings for specific vehicle requirements. The links to the top right of this page provide information on our popular cameras, however a range includes other specialist products should you require them.


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