The anti-vandal Micro Dome camera is primarily fitted in internal positions where added security is required over and above the standard polycarbonate dome. The housing is IP67 tested, which means that the dust tight enclosure will also withstand immersion in water, therefore it can also be fitted in external positions if required.

Machined from a block of solid aluminium the enclosure is both attractive and at the same time extremely resilient to vandalism. This particular housing will withstand impact from a 12 pound sledgehammer!

Tamperproof screws ensure that access can only be gained by using the correct key tool and as such this housing makes it almost impossible for anyone to tamper with or break.

The Micro Dome housing will take a variety of different resolution lenses however as standard we fit a hi resolution day/night camera, whereby when light levels drop below a suitable level for colour the camera switches to black and white to provide a higher contrast image.

Key Features;

1/4" Sony CCD
12v DC
Resolution 380-470 Enhanced TVL
Fixed 3.6mm Lens
Solid Aluminium Enclosure
Toughened Polycarbonate Dome


Internal Anti-Vandal Domes
Cameras are suitable for use with either the Tracer 3000 or X200 Digital Video Recorders.

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