Our installation and service engineers are qualified auto-electricians with considerable knowledge and experience within the bus and coach industry.

Whether our CCTV and reversing systems are being fitted to a 30yr old bus or the latest model luxury coach, our engineers are knowledgeable on the many differences encountered in the electrical wiring of vehicles. With the installation of any system we ensure that all cables and the equipment itself is hidden behind the panels, lining or compartments of the vehicle - this ensures that the systems are not tampered with in any way and also that the installation does not affect the aesthetic qualities of the vehicle interior.

Following installation our engineers commission the system as operational and provide the basic training required by the operator. Each engineer is fully equipped with all necessary tools, spare components and their own laptop to configure the operator settings of the system.

In most instances, other than when systems are fitted to new-build vehicles by the manufacturer, our engineers install on the customers own site to minimise the amount of time the vehicle is off the road. Only when a system is fully functioning to the satisfaction of the customer is the job complete.


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