Passenger Transport solutions represent our core business - Activcameras directly supply more bus and coach operators in the UK than any other provider. Our innovative and proven technology helps operators to save £1,000's by reducing or eradicating problems of vandalism, anti-social behaviour and false insurance claims.

Within a passenger transport vehicle we install mobile CCTV systems that feature anything from 1 to 16 cameras. The vast majority of our digital installations typically range between 4 and 8 cameras, with audio on selected key cameras.

By positioning cameras facing the vehicle entry doors, pay station and passenger decks, the recorder can capture footage of any incident that happens within the vehicle. We also regularly install both forward facing cameras to record a camera looking at the road in front and an external camera recording images of the vehicle entry doors and pavement. Your specific and exact requirements can be met through the configuration of a system that matches your needs with the right technology.

Our digital solutions are perfect for other forms of passenger transport such as mini-buses, trains, trams, ferries and other forms of passenger transport. Please contact us with a specific enquiry.

Although modern bus stations are depots are built typically to 'drive-in' and 'drive-out', we continue to fit a large number of reversing camera solutions to buses. The majority of reversing camera solutions fitted are to coaches as an aid to the driver - coach drivers often need to reverse into tight areas where it is not uncommon for people to be gathered.

The benefits of having a monitor adjacent to the driver with images of what is directly behind a vehicle is immense. There is naturally, given the width and length of a vehicle, a large blind area to the reverse and by having the camera images to refer to accidents involving the vehicle or humans can be significantly reduced. Many operators consider a reversing camera system as a stand piece of a equipment on their vehicle.


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The installation of a digital CCTV system helps protect your vehicle, your employees and your passengers.

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