More and more goods vehicle operators are recognising the benefits of both CCTV and Reversing Systems to help protect their fleet and surrounding pedestrians.

Vehicles carrying high value cargo such as white goods, cigarettes and alcohol are at risk against theft and fraud. The installation of CCTV helps to both prevent such instances and provides evidence to capture and convict criminals involved.

Digital CCTV

Our Mobile Digital Video Recorders can be triggered by alarms or set to record at specific times. For instance, systems can be configured whereby internal cameras within a trailer and external cameras surrounding entry doors are triggered into record when a vehicle is entered. We are able to fit cameras that will operate in low-light conditions and adjust accordingly to capture the highest quality image.

Through the use of back-up power supplies and secured enclosures the system is self-operating and therefore protecting the vehicle at all times.

Reversing Cameras

Any long and wide vehicle, be it rigid chasis or articulated, is difficult to reverse into tight or crowded areas. Many of the goods vehicles to which we fit reversing systems are being used in residential or town centre areas and as such the problems of space and surrounding people are common.

The installation of a reverse camera and monitor adjacent to the driver is a valuable additional aid. Our systems are configured (where required) to only display the images from the reverse camera when reverse gear is selected and therefore not distracting the driver at other times.

By installing monitors and cameras to the cabs and trailers of an entire fleet, the system becomes as interchangeable as the vehicle parts themselves - our electrical coil cable is hooked up at the same time as the trailer and the system functions identically as it would in a rigid chasis vehicle.


Free Camera Phones for Coach & Bus Operators
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