Attacks on crews and appliances, attending often deliberately started fires, are on the increase. The Fire Brigade Union’s own research suggests that 120 separate attacks per week, throughout the UK, could now be a realistic figure and that firefighters are under threat from bricks, bottles and other missiles.

Combating the problem is an issue on many levels and all steps being taken are focused primarily on the protection of the firefighters and in addition their equipment and the public they serve.

The FireCAM CCTV system has been developed by Activcameras and John Dennis Coachbuilders (the country's largest manufacturer of fire engines) in response to interest from Brigades to use camera and digital recording technology - to assist as both a deterrent and in catching perpetrators of these violent crimes. FireCAM uses proven technology, customised for installation within a fire appliance, featuring bespoke camera housings and integrated electrical operation.

With the ability to fit up to 16 cameras to each system, FireCAM will record digital video footage of activity surrounding the appliance - this can then be reviewed thereafter on any computer and provided as evidence.

Whether factory installed during the build of a new vehicle or retro-fitted to existing appliances, FireCAM will support actions been taken to stop such attacks.

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