Video evidence from CCTV is an important tool for police, fire and indeed ambulance crews. The benefits of recording pictures and audio from attended incidents helps in identifying those involved and also provides an 'on the scene' record of what actually took place.

Digital video recorders can be fitted to all types of emergency and incident response vehicles, using overt or covert cameras as required. Systems can be fitted independently of other vehicle data terminals or integrated with many existing devices, such as overlaying GPS position information on to images or allowing for control of systems through existing mobile data terminals.

In addition to mobile installed systems we provide a range of 'personal' hard disc recording devices that can be 'worn' by an individual, for instance police officers attending crowd control or other frontline incidents can be equipped with lightweight body recorders (with cameras stitched into body armour).

Emergency services personnel and their vehicles require specialist solutions to particular requirements and through partnership with leading manufacturers and specialists we are able to offer technology that meets these demands.


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