Mobile CCTV helps protect your fleet, employees and passengers. In passenger transport applications the use of internal cameras and digital video recorders capture incidents such as vandalism and anti-social behaviour - footage can also be essential as evidence in defending false insurance claims.

The benefits of digital CCTV extend to all types of passenger transport where criminal incidents such as theft and passenger conflict are unfortunately not uncommon.

Systems can also help protect valuable goods in transit, again whether by road, rail or air. Theft of cargo in transit costs carriers millions of pounds each year, however fitting cameras can act as both a deterent to potential thieves and in the event of a theft help to catch those responsible.

Fire Engines and other emergency vehicles are victims of abuse whilst carrying out their duties. There is an alarming increase of hoax calls and instances where emergency service crews are lured into challenging environments and attacked at the scene. Mobile CCTV systems can again help identify the purpetrators and work towards stopping these crimes.

Activcameras specialise in mobile camera and digital recording solutions that are designed and customised to meet the specific needs of the environments - from reversing camera systems to customised digital CCTV we provide solutions to your problems.


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